Smart integrated solutions.

The new generation farmer’s challenge today is achieving increased production from the same amount of available arable land while reducing input costs, dealing with climate change and protecting the environment.

Digital agriculture has the potential to radically redefine the role of farmers and to enable precise management of the production cycle through informed decisions.

The BHBW NEXT Farming Office Farm Information Management System with related services and support provides a solution for data-based operational planning and decision making. In addition, high-resolution Talking Fields base maps indicate differentiation in the persistent relative fertility of fields with the possibility to process base maps in NEXT Farming Office to react in terms of cultivation method or modified production technology.

The following are some of the features and functionality offered through the application of NEXT Farming Office and NEXT Farming Talking Fields Base Maps:

  • Documentation of master data and site-specific management;
  • Downstream analysis of NEXT Farming Talking Fields Base Maps;
  • Processing GPS-based soil sample results;
  • Creating variable rate prescription maps (fertiliser and crop care);
  • Ultimate connectivity to all brands of equipment that are ISOBUS ready;
  • Performing stock management, nutrient and humus accounting;
  • Automatic documentation of costs, revenues and contribution margin per farm or fields; and
  • Downloading reports via iPhone through NEXT Mobile Apps.

BHBW South Africa not only provides the software and required hardware or precision farming products but also a full range of equipment to perform precision farming, and professional services such as crop consulting, mechanisation planning, equipment service plans and financing programmes.

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