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Massey Ferguson is an iconic agricultural mechanisation brand with a proud track record in southern Africa. Meeting requirements across the spectrum, the Massey Ferguson range includes standard to high-spec tractors from 27 kW to 266 kW, planters, haymaking equipment as well as implements.

Massey Ferguson products are sold by our Bothaville and Hoopstad dealerships.

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Leaders drive Fendt.

Fendt is recognised as one of the most technologically advanced brands in agriculture. In South Africa, it is living up to its reputation for delivering ultimate performance and efficiencies.

BHBW sells Fendt tractors and the Fendt IDEAL combine range through its Bothaville and Hoopstad dealerships.

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The road to higher yields

Engineered for the turf and hard soils of Eastern Europe, which are similar to our own heavy soils, Bednar implements are proven to enable quality soil and stubble preparation in the toughest conditions. This, in turn, ensures optimum residue management, moisture preservation and, ultimately, improved yields.

Imported from the Czech Republic by BHBW South Africa, Bednar is a top-of-the-range brand with high-output heavy-duty implements.

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Head of the class – no matter the crop.

BHBW’s harvesting range includes new-generation Geringhoff maize and wheat headers. Compatible with all makes of combine, these technologically advanced headers harvest crops ranging from maize and soy beans to sunflowers and wheat with ease and precision. Headers can also be rented from BHBW.

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Manufacturing Farming Profitability

BHBW’s product range includes innovative Crary header technology for the harvesting of small grains. The Crary Wind System adds a stream of high velocity air over the cutter bar to keep the crop moving quickly into the header. It reduces shatter loss, boosting yields, and keeps the combine harvester fed evenly. Crary Wind Systems fit most auger and draper headers, including John Deere, Case, Claas, New Holland and MacDon.

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